Brown's Car Stores Makes Trade-Ins Easier Than Ever

There's a lot that goes into a successful new or used car lease or purchase. Securing financing, structuring your deal that makes sense based on your down payment and monthly expenses, and adding any warranty or protection plans are all easily taken care of when you shop at our Brown's Car Stores locations around Maryland and northern Virginia. Another key component is the value of your trade-in, which offers a crucial incentive to keeping your current vehicle in its best shape, as the more you can earn back for your outgoing ride, the less you'll spend on your next new or used vehicle. Use the easy online trade-in evaluator form to get started, then we'll arrange for a quick appraisal at the Brown's Car Stores dealership in the Baltimore or Washington D.C. area near you.

The primary benefit of your trade-in's value is pretty obvious: the more we offer for you to apply toward your next purchase, the less you'll spend. But your trade-in value also helps out in a couple of ways. First of all, whatever you get back for your trade-in's value will lower the total amount you're financing on your next lease or purchase, which means you'll pay less in interest. Furthermore, you'll only pay sales taxes on the difference between your next vehicle's cost and your trade-in's value. Interest costs and sales taxes are the kinds of extra expenses that tend to really add up for a major purchase like a new or used car, so mitigating those added costs through your trade-in value is clearly a great way to go.

Knowing how much your trade-in will benefit your next purchase is a great reason to regularly use the service centers at our Brown's Car Stores dealerships around the Baltimore and D.C. areas. We'll also show the time-saving value of how easy using our trade-in evaluator and going through the quick, yet thorough, appraisal process that we offer at our many dealerships around Maryland and Virginia. Complete the trade-in form online, then visit the Brown's Car Stores location near you today so we can get you started on earning a great value.