Textbook Interior Features: Chrysler Pacifica

If you could assemble a minivan cabin boasting all of the ideal, ahead-of-trend features, you'd end up with a Chrysler Pacifica. Its unique cargo space options really appeal to our Brown's Car Stores team members, most of whom have families. Plus, Pacifica has many other impressive interior features to its credit.

It's the Small Things

Chrysler thought of everything when considering storage and organization options that are important to families. Pacifica's cabin touts an umbrella holder, a tablet holder and sliding drawers to hold everything you need for Sterling, VA commutes or weekend excursions to wherever.

Customized Seating & Extra Cargo Space

Thanks to 243 possible seating configurations, you can tweak the layout of Pacifica's cabin seating as needed. Second and third row seats fold down, or you can remove them entirely to increase available cargo space. Storage bins beneath the seats provide even more space to tuck away all kinds of belongings, keeping them safe and accessible during your ride.

See all of Chrysler Pacifica's cabin features today. Visit our dealership for a test drive.

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