Drivers in Sterling, VA visit Brown’s Car Stores when they want a vehicle that can handle the rain, sleet or snow. They know that the Jeep Compass is the right choice in any weather because of its unique Trailhawk package that gives it capabilities beyond the average compact SUV.

One of these abilities is the ability to ford water and small streams. This is something that few other vehicles can do. This is possible through a high intake position and special sealing to make electrical systems waterproof. It has a high ground clearance to allow you to go over small objects with ease.

It also has improved maneuverability and articulation to help keep the wheels in contact with the surface as much as possible. When you combine all of these features with the Selec-Terrain Traction Management System, what you get is a vehicle that is ready for the inclement weather and allows you to handle it with confidence.

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