While no one wants to be involved in an automobile accident, these incidents are unfortunately parts of the overall driving experience. That said, certain vehicles do good jobs of taking care of occupants before, during, and even after accidents. The new Volkswagen Golf is such a vehicle, and it deploys several systems that work hard to promote passenger and driver safety.

One such safety system is the Volkswagen Golf rearview camera. Built into the Volkswagen logo, this camera can give drivers clear views of what lies behind their vehicles. This special point of view can help drivers to avoid cars, objects, or even pedestrians that are behind them.

If accidents do happen, the new Volkswagen Golf works to keep damages to a minimum by deploying several safety-boosting technologies. One relevant safety tool is called the Volkswagen Post Collision Braking system. In the event of a collision, this automatic system can apply the brakes on behalf of drivers, thus bringing vehicles to safe stops and preventing greater damage.

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