Come See the 2019 Mazda CX-3's Cutting-Edge Technology Today

Mazda's 2019 CX-3 continues the trend of greater convenience and safety with cutting-edge technology. The Mazda Connect keeps all your communication and information needs at your fingertips, and the CX-3's Active Driving Display puts vital alerts and information above the driver-side dash.

The Mazda Connect brings touchscreen technology to your vehicle's infotainment system. You can quickly swipe and select options on its 7-inch dash-mounted screen to make calls, look up directions to your destination, or find the right music playlist for a road trip.

The CX-3's Active Driving Display puts important driving information on a head-up display. You can see your current speed, navigation prompts, and i-ACTIVESENSE safety alerts without taking your eyes away from the road ahead. Thanks to the safety system's use of radar and cameras, it can display warnings about pedestrians and vehicles in your blind spots.

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