The Nissan 370Z Roadster makes you look good around town with a style that emphasizes fun when you drop the convertible top and make you feel good with innovative features. At Brown’s Automotive, we like to point out such advances as Bluetooth® Hands-free Phone System and streaming audio, and the Nissan Safety Shield® Philosophy that guards every drive to give you more confidence.

Moving you ahead is the 4th-generation 3.7-liter VQ V6 that outputs 332 horsepower and 270 lb.-ft. of torque while getting an EPA-estimated 25 MPG on the highway and 18 MPG in the city. To optimize fuel economy and minimize emissions, Continuously Variable Valve Timing Control adjusts valve lift and timing so you get the best response on a broader torque curve.

Lightweight components like carbon-fiber on the drive shaft and composite radiator help lessen weight while boosting strength.

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