Stay Cozy All Year Long in the Volkswagen Atlas

Frigid snow and sweltering heat are no match for the Volkswagen Atlas. You can get this popular mid-sized family SUV with a powerful climate control system at Brown’s Automotive. It's engineered to give everyone the opportunity to get comfortable no matter what their preference is.

The three-zone automatic climate control system manipulates the temperature inside the SUV in different sections. You can choose your own settings in the driver's seat. Your front passenger has their own controls and can choose their preferred temperature accordingly. Even the backseat passengers have their own settings. The rear system has multiple vents and adjusts the temperature in both the second and third row.

Drivers in the Richmond area can also prepare their SUV before they even step in. The available remote start feature allows you to turn the vehicle on from the comfort of your home. A button on the key FOB turns the engine on and initiates the climate control system.

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