Top 10 Cars According to Millennials

Make room for Generation Y! The generation better known as the millennials are making their presence and preferences known, including their car preferences. According the, Millennials are in the market for the most advanced technologically friendly cars. Studies show that this age group is more likely than any other age group to have an attachment to their cars. Here are the top 10 most-loved cars among Millennials – 5 Mass Market and 5 Luxury.

Mass Market:

1.      Nissan Juke

2.      Volkswagen Golf GTI

3.      Subaru Crosstrek

4.      Subaru Legacy

5.      Jeep Wrangler

Luxury Cars:

1.      Mercedes C-Class Sedan

2.      BMW 3 Series Sedan

3.      BMW X1

4.      BMW X5

5.      Infiniti Q50 Sedan

Millennial or not, come check out some of the cars that made this list. Brown’s Car Stores are pleased to represent all 5 brands on the mass market side. Check out for more information

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