Winter Weather Ahead

Looks like the winter weather is finally headed for the Northern Virginia area. With the threat of inclement weather headed our way here are some “bad habits” that could be negatively effecting your car. 
  • Not replacing your wiper blades: says that you should replace your wiper blades as soon as they stop fully clearing the windshield. Making sure to replace your wiper blades during the winter months will allow for better visibility on the snowy roads. 
  • Continuing to use worn down tires: getting traction is going to be so important on the icy roads, so drivers should be paying attention to the tread on their tires which can effect the handle of the car as well as the braking. Also be sure to check your tire pressure because the cooler the temperatures, the more the tire pressure can drop. 
  • Not filling up the gas tank: Make sure you are keeping a good amount of gas in your car during the colder months because empty tanks can freeze and lead to ice in the fuel lines.
  • Pouring hot water on a frozen windshield: while it may seem like a quick fix to defrosting a car, it can actually damage your windshield. The water can seep into chips and expand them 
  • Slamming on the brakes to avoid accidents: Slamming on your brakes in winter weather conditions will actually make you lose control of the car. Instead, turn the wheel in the direction you are sliding and softy tap the brakes. Lastly, don’t speed when there is inclement weather. Allow yourself plenty of time to get places and leave a good amount of distance between you and other cars. 
Keep these tips in mind when the snow and icy comes our way this winter. For more winter tips, visit Safety and Preparedness 

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