30 Years of Loyalty

We are very proud to announce that Sharon Connacher is celebrating three decades with Brown's.  This milestone was made possible not only through her hard work and expertise, but through her commitment to our clients and our dealerships. Sharon first started working for Brown's in 1984 at our Tyson's Corner Dodge dealership. Sharon recalls being part of a training class of 4 staff, who were trained in the basement of the dealership. She was the only one to thrive after training. Sharon stayed with Dodge as an expert Salesperson until that store closed. We then quickly transferred her to Brown's Buick Isuzu in 1990 where she was recognized as being one of the top 50 sales people in the country. In 2006, Sharon started selling cars at our Fairfax Nissan store, where she continues to maintain high customer service reviews and is loved by all her customers. Sharon said, "my return customers come back because they appreciate my straightforward manner.  They understand I am a realist and I am there to walk side by side with them through the whole car-buying process. They trust me. In essence they are back here at Brown's because they firmly believe that I am looking out for them." Before entering the automotive business, Sharon attended Penn State where she got her degree in Biology and managed a clothing store. In her free time, she loves to hike and spend time with her 2 dogs. Thank you for your dedication and loyalty to Brown's, Sharon!  Congratulations to Sharon Connacher for celebrating her 30th year! 


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