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Suzuki SX4

The Belfast Telegraph over in Ireland took some time to write up this great review of Suzuki's handsome crossover, the SX4 and what a review it is! Having rented an SX4 when I was out of the country it makes me happy to see them on our very own roads, evoking sweet memories of good times with good friends. Check out what they think of the SX4 in Belfast by heading over to the original article, HERE.

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Gulf News revies the Suzuki Kizashi

Gulf News recently put together this great review of the new Suzuki Kizashi, first focusing on where the Kizashi fits into the mid-sized segment, then diving into a full on review! Check out all of the great things they said and why they think the Kizashi could be the wise choice for so many of us by clicking, HERE.

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A Swift Review

Over in the UK they are lucky enough to have many small cars at their disposal, and it looks like the Suzuki Swift is steadily climbing towards the top of the list. After spending some time with the new Swift and taking it on a long journey the writer was able to give us a clear insight into what owning a Swift of your own would be like. Check out his full review and a bunch more photos by clicking, HERE.

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Suzuki: Ultimate Adventure

It looks like Suzuki has added another trim to its handsome Grand Vitara, that trim being the Ultimate Adventure package. Adding to the already impressive features of the Grand Vitara, the Ultimate Adventure package adds 18" wheels, Heated Seats and Fog Lights, among others! Check out the full list of specs as well as a well written review by heading over to the original article, HERE.

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Detroit Free Press Azera

Aside from a tiny incident with the sunroof it seems as if the folks over at Detroit Free Press thoroughly enjoyed their time with the all new Hyundai Azera. Check out why they are calling the freshly redesigned 2012 Hyundai Azera an "exceptional entry" to the large sedan market by clicking, HERE.

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Inside Line Prius C Update!

The folks over at Inside Line have put just over six hundred miles on the odometer of their long term Toyota Prius C and in typical fashion they are filling us in on all of the details! In the time they have had the car the WORST recorded miles per gallon was 46.7, a number that far eclipses the average mpg of any other car in the same price range. Check out some more details of their Prius C by heading over to the full review, HERE.

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Autoweek Accent SE

Autoweek wrote up this awesome review of the new 2012 Hyundai Accent SE, looking at it from all angles and even having a staff member take his family on a road trip in it! Take a look at the full details and find out why AutoWeek loves the Accent so much by clicking, HERE.

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Surgical Precision & Joyous Feedback

Surgical Precision and Joyous Feedback are just two of the nice things that Torque News had to say about the Subaru BRZ in their head to head battle with the Ford Mustang v6. Depending on which side you are on this battle could surprise you, so head over to the original article and check out the video by clicking, HERE.

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