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BMW and Hyundai?

Word on the street is there are some talks between Hyundai and BMW to jointly develop some new engines, adding to the growing list of companies that both manufacturers are in cohorts with. What do you think about the possibility of a BMW/Hyundai engine in your next car? Read the full press release by clicking, HERE.

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Automoblog Reviews the Hyundai Veloster

While checking out some reviews on the super popular Hyundai Veloster today I came across this awesome writeup from Automoblog.net, in which they call the Veloster a game changer and proceed to tell us all of the reasons they love it! You can see the full review as well as a clearinghouse of information on the new Veloster by heading over to the Automoblog website, HERE.

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Vintage Perfection

As any vintage car enthusiast will already know, it is nearly impossible to find a 100% bone stock classic car. Even more rare is finding one in this pristine of condition, AND for sale. Take a look at the photo below to see what we think may be the cleanest original Celica in existence, and if you would like to have it in your own garage you can head over to the eBay page to bid for yourself by clicking, HERE. Thank you to our friends over at Jalopnik for posting this!

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Vintage Toyota Commercial

We think this may very well be the best commercial we have ever seen, with all of the greatest elements of the eighties, including a slow motion finale! When the Celica GT-s was first introduced it took the world by storm and this commercial pretty accurately explains why. Check it out by heading over to the original post HERE and let us know what your favorite vintage commercial is!

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Jalopnik Scion FR-S

The always funny folks over at Jalopnik spent some time behind the wheel of the new Scion FR-S and gave us a hilarious review with a bunch of awesome photos! Check out the review in its entirety by heading over to their website, HERE.

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Toyota Prius Plug-In takes over!

It should come as no surprise that the new 2012 Toyota Prius plug-in hybrid has outsold every other plug-in on the market! With a total of 1,654 Prius plug-in's sold in April this marked the best month for the Prius model overall, with 25,168 units sold, a nearly 127% increase over April 2011! See some more details of this record breaking month by heading over to the original article, HERE.

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Hyundai Brake Override

Starting with production this month all Hyundai vehicles will now come standard with brake override, a system that allows the vehicle to override accelerator input when the brake pedal is pressed at the same time. This new company wide feature comes ahead of possible government regulations that would require brake override systems to be in place in all new vehicles. Hyundai originally instituted brake override in about half of its vehicles back in 2010 but moved to make it standard across the board starting this month! See some more details of the announcement as well as how the system works…
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Motor Trend Long Term Elantra

Our friends over at Motor Trend have had their 2012 Hyundai Elantra Limited loaner for about six months and twelve thousand miles now so it looks like its time for an update! After a hefty amount of driving from the Motor Trend people the Elantra made it into the hands of a somewhat unlikely individual, the editor over at Truck Trend magazine, Allyson Harwood. See how she felt about the new Elantra and see a ton of photos by heading over to the original article, HERE.

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Random Hyundai Azera

Today as I pulled into our Manassas dealership I drove right passed this gorgeous new Hyundai Azera and I had to stop and take a photo. Just take a look at those beautiful, graceful body lines and try to say you wouldn't have done the same!

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